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2015 / 12

Sanlih host New Year countdown party in Taipei, Kaohsiung and Hualien.

2015 / 12

「2015 Sanlih Drama Awards Ceremony」got more than 1.2 million of viewership with the rating boost.

2015 / 04

「The Fierce Wife」produced by SET Metro has expanded massively in Latin American countries and 10 Free TV within 8 countries has broadcasted.

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Welcome to our company

Dream of a rational country, there are emotional.

We have four TV channels: exploring Taiwan's cultural spirit of the "three stand of Taiwan and Taiwan," master the international popular entertainment. "Sanlih will be Taiwan," 24-hour news of the "SET News" to the global Chinese around the clock to run on "Sanlih International Taiwan ", the television business-oriented industry, the content of the core, and global media in Taiwan under the stars and shine.

Both rational and emotional perspectives of the three established TV channel family, has been affirmed and deeply loved by the audience, the highest long-term ranking cable television, in the highly competitive television environment, the audience ratings given to us with the most direct recognition. Because we care about all the time thinking about what the audience know what the audience as moved.

Strong creative ability, high-quality content, absolutely insist on innovation, keen to predict the future, so that the "three up" the word became synonymous with leading Chinese fashion trends. And make use of innovative integrated marketing strategies, Sanlih become not only Taiwan, but also the leading international brand of creativity indicators.

Regardless of technological changes, the dream never behind! Sanlih has a firm footing into the digital era, with a solid content of traditional media, business opportunities for the industry, we will be the 21st century media stars. The newly completed building a digital image, will be the country's first combination of network, information and technology planning of digital media and television building construction, a digital two-way interactive broadband media to greet the new century.

What we do

The whole process to build HD studio to meet the high-definition era.

To meet the digital era, SET TV special to spend 600 million to build HD EFP (multi-machine) studio, a step into the production of HDTV (High Definition Television, High Definition Television) programs beginning; completed in 2009 Taiwan's first HD full process drama works "Pharaoh students will" not only use the HD filming equipment to record, play the main scene more real erection in the studio, the play not only the first shot of the HD into the studio theater, it is the first recording device using HD EFP HDTV capture the whole process of theater. In addition to dramatic works, the 2010 three Taiwanese variety show will be established "Chef," "Guoguang help," "Austin Powers", "creativity over life", "Delicious", etc., but also move into HD Photo recording studio, create a whole variety shows HD process milestone!