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About Sanlih E-television

An Omnimedia Group with Original Content.

Founded in 1991, Sanlih E-television adheres to the spirit of "originality" and its core value is self-produced content. Sanlih provides five major content types to the public, including drama, entertainment, music, news, and finance. It has six TV channels (SET Taiwan channel, SET Metro channel, SET News, SET iNEWS, Sanlih International Channel, and MTV Entertainment Channel). Sanlih insists on producing 3,000 hours of tv programme every year as part of the largest content creation base in Taiwan focused on four significant aspects, including new media, publishing, cultural and creative exhibitions. Sanlih built a complete media ecosystem.

Sanlih E-television is a TV station for Taiwanese people. It delivers Taiwan's unique kindness, enthusiasm, earnestness, diversity and creativity. It is also a stage for Taiwan to show itself to the world. Sanlih will keep focusing on self-produced content, Taiwanese culture roots in the homeland and extending internationally, to let the world see the beauty of Taiwan, Sanlih SHOWS Taiwan!

What we do

Sanlih insists on creating original content and powers the Taiwanese culture, and show Taiwan around the world.

Sanlih E-television values original content and consists of six channels as follows,
-'SET Taiwan Channel' explores Taiwan's cultural spirit: the golden time dramas continue breaking records, SET Taiwan Channel has successfully built the top image of tv channel in Taiwan. In 2011, Sanli created the "Taiwan Great Show" with movie specifications, telling Taiwan's precious warmth and love, marketing Taiwan's culture and tourism, and wins the Television Golden Bell Awards.

-'SET Metro Channel' - iconic entertainment features: as an iconic and trendy entertainment channel, SET Metro Channel has not only created over 50 trend setting dramas that led to a Taiwanese- Drama boom in Asia. In 2011, Sanlih created the most famous Chinese dramas " Inborn Pair " and " The Fierce Wife ",and also created nearly a hundred stars. In 2013, the variety show " Hot Door Night " and "Mr. Player" hit the top ratings of the year; In 2021, the " All-Star Sports Day became very popular and featured on the trending list of YouTube every week.

-'SET News' delivers 24-hourauthoritative news: with two multi-award winning flagship news programs SET News insists on providing the bright side of society. In 2016, SET News channel held a special event「2016 HERO @ TAIWAN」 praising the true heroes in Taiwan. In 2020, the covid-19 pandemic profoundly impacted the world. Being thankful to medical workers and related businesses guarding the whole society, and as the proof of great power originated from tiny Taiwan. SET TV worked with Discovery Channel presenting the feature documentary 「Beating Covid-19」, which broadcasted in over 30 countries worldwide.

-'SET iNEWS' the countries most professional financial channel: broadcasting via TV, mobile, and new digital technology creating a three-way medium for a broader vision. Expand the audience's financial vision, providing the most professional business information, analyzing the global economic situation, and enriching the public's financial expertise.

-'Sanlih International Channel ' delivers Taiwanese programs to 30 countries , opening a window for the world to understand Taiwan.

-'MTV' the master of international popular entertainment for the young generation. In 2021, the self-produced show "The Rappers" created a strong online reputation, delivering the passionate cultural spirit of young people, and ledthe entertainment trend of Taiwanese idols.

Accelerate digital transformation and establish new media business unit.

Regardless of technological changes, SET TV has a firm footing into the digital era; with solid content of traditional media, business opportunities for the industry, we will be the 21st-century media stars, and the positive outcomes are as follows, -SETN: being the first and the most successful digital media platform to combine traditional and digital news networks. Including live broadcast, interactive content, community function. Integrating daily news, political commentary, international situation analysis, social focus, entertainment gossip, financial interpretation, providing current affairs news, analyzing world trends for the public, and providing diverse views.

-SET DDG: an e-shopping web integration resources with TV programs, news, magazines. Precisely communicating with the target audience and providing multiple channels for high-quality products.

- Vidol: a global streaming platform with all Chinese language content. Integrating TV program content on the platform to create entertainment, dramas, and new experiences exclusive to the Chinese speaking world. The content includes live broadcasts of SET Metro channel, SET Taiwan channel, Vidol self-produced content.