Taste of Life / 甘味人生

  • 王識賢/李燕/黃少祺/韓瑜/曾莞婷/謝承均/陳珮騏
  • Length:120mins
    Eps: 320+


王識賢/李燕/黃少祺/韓瑜/曾莞婷/謝承均/陳珮騏 領銜主演



Chu-Tsai,Chao and his wife Chin-hsiu,Li have five children. Devoted all his life into developing soy sauce products, Chu-Tsai very much hopes that one of his kids can follow his footsteps and take over his business, but he also respects their own passions and aspirations. Because of their father’s invention dream, the Chao brothers’ lives are about to change…
Chin-Pang,Chou used to be Chin-Hsiu’s lover, and has been Chu-Tsai’s long-time business rival. Seeing Chu-Tsai not only successfully keep the patents of soy sauce products, but also has all the support and assistance from his children, Chin-Pang, filled with bitterness, has been crushing and attacking Chu-Tsai in every way. Hsin-Ta, Chu-Tsai’s eldest son, couldn’t bear to see his father suffer, so he quit his job to take over the family business. To everyone’s surprise, Chu-Tsai discovers that Hsin-Ta is actually Chin-Pang’s son! Finding out that the enemy is actually his biological father devastated Hsin-Ta, and this also drives a wedge between Chin-pang and his son Hsiao-Ming, as he feels threatened.
Chu-tsai’s second son Ying-kai has always set his goal to reach the top of his career. Vacillating between Mei-mei and Ying-hui, Ying-kai also finds himself caught in between the feud of two families; however, this opens new business opportunities for him. On the other hand, Hsin-ta fulfills Chu-tsai’s dream; but he is more confused than ever about family love and romance love… All he knows is that with the family’s support, his determination and conviction, he can build a future of his own!