Love & Affection / 天地有情

  • 黃少祺 / 陳仙梅
  • Huang Shau Chi / Chen Shian Mei
  • Length: 60 mins
  • Eps: 180
  • Language: Hokkien / Mandarin


黃少棋、柯淑元、王 燦、陳冠霖、陳仙梅、謝金燕、方 馨、方 岑領銜主演



Whlie a Party is held at the first floor of Chang-hsin Group's Skyscraper, a men stands on top of the steel skeleton of the building and yells aloud, "l, Tien-lin Huang, will succeed one day and will dominate the world." In the mean while, Mr. Sheng-huang Chiang, the chairman of Chang- hsin Group, in his fancy suit and leather shoes, looks at the building in an arrogant and condescending manner, probably feeling quite proud for his power, wealth and prestige.

While looking down at Sheng-huang, Tien-lin makes a promise to himself - I will use my hands to make myself a tycoon who is more powerful and richer than Sheng-huang.