A Woman Named A-Tie / 桂花巷

  • 劉至翰 / 葉全真
  • Liu Chih Han / Yeh Chuan Chen
  • Length: 60 mins
  • Eps: 30
  • Language: Hokkien / Mandarin





The story took place in the 14th year of kuan-hsu in Ching Dynasty in Bei-men-yu, which was a small fishing harbor on the southwestern coastal area of Taiwan. Tie-homg, a daughter of the kao family, was at the age of 10. The family lived on kuei-huia Lane of Bei-men-yu, and kuei-hua Lane was a shortcut linking the main street to Gon-chien . At the age of 10, Tie-horng's widow mother suddenly passed away. After her Mother's death, Tie-horng and her younger brother, Tie-chiang, had to live with and depend on their uncle and aunt .