The Bonfire of Taiwan / 台灣霹靂火

  • 陳昭榮 / 張鳳書
  • Chen Jau Rung / Chang Feng Shu
  • Length: 60 mins
  • Eps: 320
  • Language: Hokkien / Mandarin





Tien-Fu Liu (a tycoon who is well connected in politics and business) and his son, Won-Tsung Liu, have been buying and selling large amounts of illicit drugs. Cheng-Hsien Lee (a police officer with the Criminal Investigation Division) is instructed by his superior officer, Yao-Wei Lee (the chief of No. One Team of the Criminal Investigation Division), to act as an undercover agent so as to investigate the illegal activities of Tien-Fu Liu and Cheng Long Group. In the police's effort to crack down on Cheng Long Group, several policemen and policewomen shed their blood; however, Cheng Long Group, with great ties in politics and business through money, is not so easy to be destroyed. In the process, Cheng-Hsien found out that Tien-Fu Liu was the person who killed his father. In the meantime, another serious crime takes place and Cheng-Hsien, who has been utterly devoted to his job, immediately engages in a battle with the criminals so as to defend justice against evil and injustice.

政商大亨劉天富及其子劉文聰狼披羊皮,私下幹著大型毒品買賣,刑警李正賢被迫受刑 警大隊偵一隊隊長李耀威指示作臥底工作,偵察劉天富犯罪集團的非法活動,展開正邪 大戰。在打正龍犯罪集團的努力中,多少熱情兒女為正義灑下了熱血,但正龍集團以黑 金為手段,綁住了政商關係,豈是那麼容易被剿滅,過程中,正賢終於也找到了殺父的 仇人,他正是正龍集團的劉天富,正賢一了心願,這當兒另一宗重案又發生了,公而忘 私的正賢又跳進了正邪大戰的漩渦,為衛護正義與公理而戰。