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My Lucky Star / 放羊的星星

  • 林志穎 / 劉荷娜
  • Jimmy Lin / Liu Ho Na
  • Length: 60 mins
  • Eps: 31
  • Language: Mandarin





"The little charming cheater"Shia Zhi Shing! She cheats for many years, already a shameless person, and remains composed when telling lies, but to our surprise, just after discharged from the prison, she was "handcuffed" by the buster Zhone Tian Chyi, and he told her that he would follow her to the Ming Ri Village to find out ten thousand possibilities of life. "Queer, do I have to let you follow me just because you said so?" It is true that everything has its vanquisher; it is the destiny for him to be her malignant star. Born in a rich family, Zhone Tian Chyi, the unusually lucky person, the inheritor of E-Shine Jewelry, shows his kindness occasionally, but he "handcuffed" a big trouble for himself, the unsolvable affection between him and Shia Zhi Shing. For her, he is not hesitate to give up all he has in E-Shine Jewelry kingdom, and willing to strand at the impoverished Ming Ri Village and live with her throughout his life. But unexpectedly, one merciless car accident made him consider that Shing is a heartless love cheater. Five years later when they meet each other again, he has the chance to revenge her, and this time he becomes the cruel and merciless headsman to maltreat this accursed woman. He pledges to make her pay bitterly, and would make her fall low as his contract bride…